The BIS, through its Education and Outreach Committee, works with partners to develop our own resources, as well as being able to sign-post you to fantastic activities from others, and inform you of inspiring places to visit.

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BIS Educational Resources

The BIS is also the official World Space Week National Coordinator for the United Kingdom, overseen by the Education and Outreach Committee, who create and connect resources every year connected with the annual WSW theme.

During October 4-10, 2022 WSW will celebrate two branches of the topic to be covered-achieving sustainability in space, and achieving sustainability from space.

Download or link to our WSW2022 resources below:

Link to the ONLINE presentation here: (takes you outside the BIS website) Our Planet and Satellite Science, suitable for all internet browsers.

OR Direct download the BIS WSW2022 Our Planet and Satellite Science PowerPoint file.

Developed by a member of the BIS Education and Outreach Committee in collaboration with Camilla Evans, the STEM Lead Communicator at Wishford School, this resource takes you through the space technology, right above our heads, and how it informs us of our planet’s activity every day. 

Learn more about the fleet and what it records, and consider how this information informs us about our world’s climate.

Recommended age: 9-14

Resources required: Internet ready devices for pupils to browse satellite data websites, space to facilitate group conversations and a surface on which to collect comments and ideas.


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Information about UK Leadership in Sustainable Space (UK Government)
UK’s National Space Strategy (UK Government)

Space Sustainability Rating (World Economic Forum)

Sustainable Space (Airbus)

Dundee Satellite Station

Since 2020, Space Presentor and BIS Fellow, Jerry Stone, creates an annual wordsearch based on the Annual World Space Week theme for the BIS.
Download his wordsearches below:

Educational Partner Resources

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