Policy and Advocacy

As the world’s oldest continuously operating space society, the BIS is committed to advocating for policies which will increase government commitment – particularly in the UK, but also abroad – to space exploration, interplanetary travel and human spaceflight.

As part of the new strategy of the organisation, a growing focus will be placed on advocating for the British space industry both at home and overseas, and supporting our Fellows and Members around the world to campaign for space-friendly policies across the globe.  We see the space industry, which has continued to grow through 2020, as a top priority in economic recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic, and the British government’s own figures point to a contribution of £300bn to UK GDP in 2018 through satellite services alone.

We will continue to work with British spaceports, including through the Spaceports Alliance, to ensure that Britain is able to best take advantage of the booming space industry, whilst also ensuring that the regulatory environment can support the industry, communities, jobs and the environment.

The Society will achieve this through working with its partners in the UK and abroad, through continuing to represent the British space sector at events such as the annual International Astronautical Congress and other overseas events, through working with Parliamentary Committees and APPGs, and holding our own events with politicians and civil servants, giving our members the chance to hold such individuals to account directly.

If this is an area of work you are interested in, do get in touch.

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