BIS celebrating National Space Day with the National Literacy Trust

The BIS is working with The National Literacy Trust to celebrate National Space Day on 7th May and to help disadvantaged children with their literacy skills.

The National Literacy Trust is an independent charity working with schools and communities to give disadvantaged children the literacy skills to succeed in life. We collaborated with them to share five of our favourite space facts to help families and young people celebrate Space Day on the 7th May, via Words for Life, their home learning platform. Alongside these space facts The National Literacy Trust has curated a list of space themed books for ages 5-11, and an activity sheet that encourages children to use what they have learned to design a place to live and work on Mars.

They will also be sending the facts out by Twitter and other social media on the five days leading up to Space Day, and the BIS will be Retweeting and linking to other relevant content.

The facts and other resources will be on Words for Life, accessible for free and useful for children, parents, carers and teachers. The resources are also available with classroom teaching activities, connected to the We Wonder: Mission to Mars challenge.