BIS support Barratt London to design Lunar Living concept

The British Interplanetary Society has worked with Barratt London to support an exciting new design concept for a home based on the Moon.

Titled Lunar Living, BIS Past President Mark Hempsell worked with the team to set out the technical requirements for such a home.  Radiation being one of the major concerns with living off-Earth, the mock-ups feature two metre thick radiation shields on the roof.  The bedrooms are even moved to the ground floor, with living quarters on top, to give an extra level of protection as people spend so many hours in this space.  Terraced home and covered streets would enhance this protection.

To bring this to reality, key services such as utilities, water and a pressurised air supply would be needed.  But the Moon has a ready supply of the basalt which could form the building blocks of such new residences.

Read more and see the Barratt London visualisations here.

The picture above is used by kind permission of Barratt London, under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.