41st Sino/Russian Technical Forum (Online)

Date: 5 June 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Google Meet
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June 5, 2021: Celebrating 50 years of Salyut & space station operations

Dedicated to the memory of Philip S. Clark (1950-2020)

Scroll down for a message from the Chair of the Forum, Dave Shayler

Welcome to the 41st Sino Russian Forum by David Shayler

Introducing Elizabeth Anderson, BIS Chief Executive, to the Forum members

Overview of the BIS Forum – for those who have never attended a function in London [Dave Shayler]

Remembering lost friends – Phil Clark and Nicholas Johnson [Dave Shayler]

The Programme for June 5, 2021 [Dave Shayler]

50 years of Space Stations – a 5-10 minute Salute to Salyut and beyond [Dave Shayler]

A series of short 10-minute presentations [moderated by Dave Shayler] with a short two-minute break in between & opportunity for a single question to the presenter [alphabetical order]


  • Brian Harvey – Update on the plans for the new Chinese Space Station

Break Q&A

  • Grif Ingram – Sisters of Soyuz

Break Q&A

  • Ken MacTaggart – Viktor Patsayev – new pictures

Break Q&A

  • Asif Siddiqi – “Soviet Defector: The Mystery of Grigory Tokaty”

Break Q&A

  • Gurbir Singh – ISRO under lock down – how India’s space activities have been impacted by the pandemic.

Break Q&A

  • Andrew Thomas – The Space Programme of the United Arab Emirates and its cultural perspective

Break Q&A

A brief update on current research from the forum’s current active members

Space Chronicle – call for features and promoting its value [Dave Shayler]

Plans for 2022

Closing thanks

Despite the changing situation of the global pandemic the Society is pleased to announce the plan for the 2021 Forum following current guidelines and those anticipated to be in force at that time.

Since January 1980 the BIS Technical Forum has been one of the most popular and certainly the longest long running events in the Society calendar. Each programme has featured a wide ranging agenda of presentations, films and debates on the history, activities and future plans of mainly the Russian and Chinese space programme, though not exclusively.

For 2021, though it was hoped to hold the event at the BIS Headquarters in London however on-going difficulties we all face with COVID-19, the activities to overcome it and uncertainly on large gatherings in early June required an alternative plan.  This year we will hold an online Google Meet platform for a virtual meeting between 2 pm and 4 pm on the afternoon of Saturday 5th June. Over the next few weeks the Society will bring you the relevant connection details.

This year’s gathering is dedicated to the memory of Phil Clark, one of the pioneering speakers at the very first Forum in 1980, and a moment of reflection will be observed.  During this year’s meeting the 50th anniversary of the world’s first operational space station, the Soviet Salyut in 1971, will also be observed. There will not be any formal programme of presentations, rather an update of current research from each presenter’s current research and general discussion of the latest news and events in Russian, Chinese and Asian space exploration.

Google Meet is a new platform the society is supporting for future networking events and so this will be a valuable exercise for us to get used to this new process to supplement more traditional Forums, when we can, held at the BIS HQ in London. This year’s gathering will also be offered internationally to those who, traditionally, have been unable to attend live events in the past and to ask questions of the regular speakers and about the Forum in general, with expectation that in the future they may be able to attend in person, or log on to view the programme remotely. We welcome new members to participate in the event which will include discussion on developing the content of future in-person programmes which we all hope will resume over the weekend of the 4th and 5th of June 2022.

Further details will be published as they are finalised on the website and other social media platforms.


Dave Shayler, FBIS


2021 BIS Sino/Russian Forum.