The Exploration before the Exploration

Date: 14 July 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Crowdcast
BIS Events

The engineering journey that led to the Rosalind Franklin rover that we know now. Through some key aspects of the rover, key points of the rover mission and its operations on the surface will be explained.

Join us for a very special lecture by Luc Joudrier, ExoMars Rover Operations Manager  – “A behind the scenes look at how Europe will control the Rosalind Franklin Rover when it reaches Mars in June 2023”.

The talk will cover the Rover’s ongoing preparation activities and will also discuss career opportunities for young engineers. In an ongoing effort to bring valuable information to our audience, it follows on from Paolo Ferri’s talk on ‘ESA Space Operations’, and the future ExoMars Flight Director, Tiago Loureiro’s talk on ‘The ExoMars cruise, entry, decent and landing (EDL). These are available on: ESA Flight Operations with Paolo Ferri –  and “Mars, 10 June 2023” – with Tiago Loureiro.