Beyond The Moon Symposium 2022

Date: 14 December 2022
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Online (Zoom)
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The BIS invite you to attend a Half-Day Symposium on the challenges of human exploration Beyond the Moon.

The event is an online only event being hosted on Zoom. Entry is by ticket only, registration is made through our Webshop HERE and the Zoom registration link will be sent out separately prior to the day of the event.

Places are limited – book your place now to avoid disappointment!

Date: Wednesday 14th December 2022

Event Time: 12:00 – 18:30 GMT

Location: Online – Zoom

Symposium Overview

The British Interplanetary Society’s ‘Beyond the Moon’ symposium is a focus for future space activity and anticipating the steps that the human race will have to take to ensure its long-term survival. The symposium, will be virtual, allowing participation from around the world. The date of this year’s Beyond the Moon Symposium coincides with the Apollo 17 celebrations to celebrate the Lunar Module Ascent from the Moon’s surface on  14 December 1972, marking the 50th anniversary of the last manned Moon landing.

The BIS is keen to stimulate the study of the 10 most important barriers to human expansion into the solar system. Papers, presentations and talks for the Beyond the Moon Symposium, should identify and define the problems that must be faced by humans as they explore, exploit and settle the solar system in the years following the establishing of bases on the Moon and, if possible, propose solutions:

  • Radiation – both en-route and on planet surfaces.
  • Extended Flight Time – crew survival, resupply and advanced high speed propulsion systems.
  • Zero or Low Gravity – both en-route and on planet surfaces.
  • Self-Sustainable Communities – with zero replenishment.
  • Infection – pandemics in densely-populated communities.
  • Mental Robustness – long-term isolation and loneliness.
  • Machine Intelligence – reliance on Artificial Intelligence and the fear of ‘HAL’.
  • Economics – State or commercially funded.
  • Socio-Cultural – the right choices for colony survival.
  • Political/Ideological/Religious – successful societies will evolve their own belief systems.

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Presentations will include papers on future space propulsion, high energy missions, lunar operations and human factors in deep space exploration:

Beyond the Moon 2022 Programme:

12:00-12:30 Opening talk celebrating 50th anniversary of Apollo 17, Jerry Stone

12:30-13:10 Fusion Fuel and Propellant Acquisition, Richard Soilleux
13:10-14:50 An Interplanetary Fusion Engine, Michel Lamontagne
14:50-15:30 The Concept Of A System For Launching Spacecraft To A Heliocentric Orbit By The Pulse Launch, V Bobrovnik, A Selivanov & A Maslov
15:30-16:10 Having A Dust Up? Opportunities And Hazards For Farming On The Moon, Martin Braddock
Break (15 mins)
16.25-17.05 Hibernation For Deep Space Travel: A Study Of Organ Systems And Their Capabilities, Vanessa Farsadaki
17.05-17.45 Is The Biggest Barrier To Future Space Exploration In Our ‘Heads’?, Elisa Ferre
17.45-18.25 The Human Spaceship – Off Balance, Helen Schell

18.30 Close

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