BIS Scotland: From Paisley to Perseus, by John Bonsor

Date: 9 October 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Zoom
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BIS Scotland presents From Paisley to Perseus

Speaker: John Bonsor

The International Rocket Week, held in Scotland every August, is now 35. Which means that for myself, it’s been, quite literally, half my lifetime’s work. What I’ve been doing with the other half is a different story. This seems now an appropriate time to take stock of what’s been happening in model and amateur rocketry in the UK since it became legal here in the mid-1980’s. (And which happy advent ended my career as a radical rocketeer. Well, you can’t have fun all of the time). And that review is what I’ll be giving in my talk. More than that I’m not going to say just now. No spoilers.


Lifelong interest in spaceflight, rocketry, and astronomy. Over thirty years of practical, organisational, and operational experience with model and amateur rocketry in the UK. Rocket builder and flyer for hobby, research and educational purposes. Originator and organiser of the annual International Rocket Week held every August in Scotland. Secretary & Co-ordinator of the Scottish Aeronautics & Rocketry Association (SARA). Operator and provider of the Rockets To Go! workshop programme for schools and the public, run at numerous venues. Speaker on astronomy and astronautics to a wide range of audiences. Oh yes, I’m also a BIS member, for my sins.

Meeting Timetable

  • 10:30 – Paisley to Perseus by John Bonsor
  • 11:10 – Questions and Answers (we enable everyone’s microphone to allow an interactive Q&A session)

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Please Note

The Conference Call and Q & A sessions will be recorded (which may capture your name, picture, voice or video) and made available via the West Midlands Facebook group and possibly via the BIS HQ website. You consent to this by registering for the Conference Call/Q & A sessions.