Start date: 28 November 2022

End date: 30 November 2022

Time: TBC

Location: TBC

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Monday 28th -Wednesday 30th November 2022


Strategic Foundations for New Space

 CALL FOR PAPERS –  Deadline: End July 2022


As the transition to the commercially-led exploitation of space continues, there is an increasing emphasis on the need for sustainable space logistics. Applications including satellite servicing, debris removal and in-situ resource utilisation are expected to become increasingly important elements of the space economy as constellation operators seek to maximise their return on investment and protect their assets from a range of hazards.

Recognising this change in emphasis, the Re-inventing Space Conference is inviting papers on technologies that will contribute to space infrastructure in the next couple of decades. Examples include the options for space-based manufacturing; novel forms of satellite propulsion; and enhanced power generation, along with increasingly flexible options for launch .

Another key aspect is the development of intersatellite communications to create a “Space-Wide-Web”, with the potential enhancement of existing capabilities via the use of optical communications, on-board processing, advanced routing and roaming technologies, highly secure quantum encryption.

The management of this enhanced space infrastructure will need to rely on much-improved space-domain awareness, possibly via on-orbit sensors.


Abstracts should be no more than 500 words and should stand alone as a summary of the paper, not simply as an introduction. They should indicate the subjects that will be covered, and indicate the broad conclusions reached. Technologies that have the potential to reach orbit in the next  two decades will be prioritised.

Abstracts should be submitted to by end July 2022