VolunteerThe BIS is brimming over with exciting ideas, and volunteers are required to make these ideas happen. Below are details of roles and skills that will help the BIS do more:

  • Moderators for website comments
  • PHP programming skills
  • Web and new media design skills
  • Design skills for printed media (brochures, leaflets etc.)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Photographers
  • Marketing
  • Manning the BIS table at industry events

Past projects

Are you able to provide information for the following BIS Projects?:

  • The Lunar Space Suit
  • BIS Space Station
  • MOUSE Launcher
  • Manned Orbital Winged Rocket

See the Project page for information about other BIS projects by clicking here.


All other volunteer roles

If you have any of the other skills listed above, please contact here using the volunteer form by clicking here.


Be sociable; support the BIS!