Message from New SpaceFlight Editor Rob Coppinger

I am the new Editor of SpaceFlight and I wanted to bring to your attention opportunities for members to contribute to your magazine. SpaceFlight has always been a magazine for the members, by the members bringing the expertise from amongst the membership to the fore.

Please find below my topic suggestions for articles for the remainder of 2021 and first half of 2022. I hope you find something of interest there.

The suggestions are mainly based on when launches and missions are planned to take place. The list below is not a fixed list, it can change for members’ preferences or delays to launches and mission milestones.

If any member has a topic they would love to write about I would be happy to discuss that with them and when it could go in SpaceFlight.

I hope together we can continue to make SpaceFlight the very best space exploration magazine and a great ambassador for the British Interplanetary Society

The table’s Edition column shows the publication issue and in brackets the actual month it’s on sale.

Rob Coppinger



Topic (TBC)

January 2022 (Dec 2021)

James Webb Space Telescope

IAC Dubai report part two

NASA Flashlight lunar ice cubesat

Year ahead: 2022 preview

The Shuttles that could have been.

50 Years since Nixon Shuttle decision.



JAXA SLIM lunar lander mission

Axiom mission

Future of Exo-planet exploration. 22/1/92 was first exoplanet discovery

Orbex progress

Rolls Royce space reactor



SSTL ESA Moonlight

Exploration with Cubesats

Blue Origin: What now?

Moon Mark rover mission

Commercial space stations



Ariane 6 launch

ESA FLPP progress report

Boeing Starliner-1

NASA LOFTID test flight

Korean lunar orbiter mission



Saxa Vord Spaceport launch

Zhurong rover on Moon

Russia’s Luna-25 mission

Russian exploration roadmap

Paris Space Week report



Cornwall Virgin Orbit launch

ESA JUICE mission

India’s Gaganyaan crewed capsule test flight

UAE Lunar Rover mission

Australia’s Optimus 1st launch