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SpaceFlight is a magazine for the members about human space exploration and colonisation, written by the members.

If you have wanted to write for SpaceFlight but could not think of a topic, I hope the topic suggestions below are either of interest or they inspire you to think of your own topic.

The articles don’t have to be long, they can be as little as 500 words or as much as 1,000 words. It’s entirely up to you.

If any member has a topic they would love to write about I would be happy to discuss that with them and when it could go in SpaceFlight.

I hope together we can continue to make SpaceFlight the very best space exploration magazine and a great ambassador for the British Interplanetary Society

Rob Coppinger

Topic Suggestions

JAXA SLIM lunar lander mission

Axiom mission

Future of Exo-planet exploration. 22/1/92 was first exoplanet discovery

SSTL ESA Moonlight

Exploration with Cubesats

Blue Origin: What now?

Moon Mark rover mission

Commercial space stations

Ariane 6 launch

ESA FLPP progress report

Boeing Starliner-1

Korean lunar orbiter mission

Russia’s Luna-25 mission

Russian exploration roadmap

ESA JUICE mission

India’s Gaganyaan crewed capsule test flight

UAE Lunar Rover mission

Australia’s Optimus 1st launch

NASA Exploration Rover Challenge (occurs in April)          

ESA Space Rider launch progress

AAC Clyde Space 6U EPIC satellite launch              

SABRE engine update    

UK’s Serapis progress    

OneWeb global services start     

EU space programme update (June)       

DARPA Horizon Drive progress

NASA 1-year Mars analog mission            

UK Space conference preview   

Reinventing space report             

Space-Comm Expo report            

DART/AIDA mission        

SNC Dream Chaser first launch  

Pakistan’s first space mission     

Project Galileo progress               

ExoMars 2022 Launch   

Tiangong assembly progress      

China’s rocket  development     

Chinese HSF      

China’s robotic missions               

China Asteroid 2016HO3/Comet 133P mission   

Vulcan Centaur first launch         

SpaceX Starship lunar test flight

WSW report      

NASA PACE satellite launch