The BIS has long provided thought leadership in Astronautics and Space Activities. An outline of some of the many visionary ideas to arise from the BIS is shown on the Visionary Thinking page. As part of this, various formal and informal technical projects have been created by BIS members over its history, and in some cases, these projects have been adopted as formal BIS Technical projects. A list and links to these projects is shown below:

  Started Ended Project
1938 1938 The BIS Lunar Spaceship
1940 1940 The Lunar Space Suit
1946 1946 Megaroc
1948 1948 MOUSE Launcher
1948 1958 BIS Space Station
1950 1950 Manned Orbital Winged Rocket
1973 1978 Project Daedalus
1980s 1980s Project World Ship
2001 2006 Project Boreas
2007 2008 Project “Faster Than Light”
2009 ongoing Project Icarus
2011 2012 Project World Ship II
2011 2019 Project KickSat
2013 2016 Project Alpha Centauri Prize
2013 ongoing The SPACE Project
2016 2020 The SLV (Small Launch Vehicle) Project
2016 ongoing Project Q-Cube
2017 ongoing Project TOKNEP


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