China In Space – The Great Leap Forward with Brian Harvey

Date: 22 January 2022
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Zoom
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Brian Harvey will present a history, context and assessment of the Chinese space programme. He will describe current missions, such as the construction of the orbiting space station Tiangong; the continued exploration of the far side of the moon by Chang e 4 and rover Yutu 2; and the current missions to Mars, Tianwen and Zhurong. He will then outline planned future missions to land on the Moon, recover samples from Mars and send a probe to reach interstellar space by 2049, the100th anniversary of the People’s Republic.

Speaker – Brian Harvey

Brian Harvey is a writer and broadcaster on spaceflight who lives in Ireland. He is a long-standing member of the British Interplanetary Society and a contributor to the annual Soviet/China forum, Spaceflight and Space Chronicle. He has written a number of histories of the Chinese space programme, most recently China in space – the great leap (2nd, edition, Springer-Paxis, 2019), which has also been published in Chinese. In the course of its preparation, he met China’s first man in space Yang Liwei and first woman, Liu Yang. His most recent book, just published, is European-Russian cooperation in space – from de Gaulle to ExoMars (

Meeting Timetable

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•14:00 – Welcome

•14:05 – China In Space by Brian Harvey

•14:35 ish – Questions and Answers (we enable everyone’s microphone to allow an interactive Q&A session)

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