Licence to Publish

In common with almost all academic peer reviewed journals, the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society is an open access journal. It operates a hybrid model; and authors have the choice of two open access options; Gold and Green. The agreement is made with the lead
author or other person authorised to act on behalf of the copyright holder, who may be an employer, rather than the authors themselves. It also cover the case where copyright is in the public domain and here the lead author is responsible for the dissemination of the work.
The choice of open access scheme has no impact on the handling of the paper through the peer review process (referees are not informed of the author’s choice) nor the priority it is given for publication. In both Gold and Green options the copyright status of the basic paper
(up to the corrected paper after peer review) remains the same. The differences are in the copyright status of the typeset version, and restrictions on dissemination of the original version for an embargo period.

Gold Open Access
Upon payment of an Article Processing Charge (APC) the authors gain the copyright to the typeset version of the paper as it appears in JBIS, and they are immediately free to disseminate it in any way they wish. The authors also agree that the BIS will have the paper on our website for free download on a Creative Commons Copyright licence (type CC-BY-NC) – that means any reuse must be given attribution and it cannot be used for any commercial gain.)

Green Open Access
Publication is free to the author, (i.e. is there is no processing fee). The Society retains copyright of the typeset version and is free to charge for pdf and hardcopies of the paper in perpetuity. Authors retain copyright of their version of the paper that is the accepted manuscript after peer review but before typesetting – called the “Postprint”, but are embargoed from any dissemination of the Postprint paper for one year after the JBIS publication date.

Article Processing Charges

BIS Fellows
New papers
Previous papers (less than 5)
Previous papers (5 or more)

New papers are those where the paper acceptance date is after 1st January 2021.

Previous papers are those already published or accepted by 31st December 2020, and this fee converts the prior copyright arrangement to Gold Open Accesss.