19th Reinventing Space 2022 Conference




Organised by the British Interplanetary Society, Reinventing Space is a conference and exhibition dedicated to advancing humanity’s future capabilities in space and highlights the trends that will define space enterprise a decade from now. Each year, the conference brings together a network of innovators from industry, agency, government, financiers, academia and end users to present and discuss the key challenges and opportunities for future space leadership and growth.

Reinventing Space will take place on 28th to 29th November 2022 at Aerospace Bristol Museum and Conference Centre, in Bristol, with the Gala Dinner and Sir Arthur Clarke Awards taking place on 29th November 2022.

Aerospace Bristol – Museum and Conference Centre, Hayes Way, Patchway, Bristol, BS34 5BZ, UK

Call for Papers has closed – Any speaker queries should be directed to RISpace@bis-space.com

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Programme Outline

The theme for the 19th Reinventing Space conference is Strategic Foundations for New Space, and will focus on the ‘building blocks’ and the critical pathways that will take us from where we are today, towards future improved utilisation of space. The conference will include presentations and panel sessions across key topics on ground and space-based infrastructure and operations, linking humanity’s longer-term aspirations for how space can be used, and for the benefit of life on Earth. This year’s conference runs across two consecutive days, with the option to attend either or both days. Each day will consist of a combination of talks from selected presenters as well as dedicated panel sessions and Keynote talks from invited speakers on key topics to each day’s theme.

Day 1 – Strategic Foundations – key enablers, emerging capabilities, technologies/systems, services and infrastructure that form the ‘building blocks’ for New Space.

See the full Day 1 Programme HERE

28 November Overview

  • Satellite On-orbit Refuelling and Multi-satellite Deployment Missions
  • Nuclear Power Satellites and Novel Propulsion
  • Space-based Manufacture and In-situ resource utilisation
  • Solar System Communications and Orbit Data Processing
  • Reinventing the UK supply chain
  • Life sciences and microgravity
  • Power Sats: The economics of beaming vs in-situ manufacturing
  • End of Day 1 Informal Networking Reception (Free Entry) – Sign up through Eventbrite HERE

Day 2 – Space Energy Applications – opportunities and challenges for providing and harnessing energy in space for in-space or terrestrial power applications.

See the full Day 2 Programme HERE

29 November Overview

  • Introduction to Space Based Solar Power (SBSP)
  • SBSP Concepts and Studies
  • SBSP Technology: the challenges and opportunities
  • International Collaboration
  • Security, Regulation and Finance
  • The Space Energy Initiative

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RISpace 2022 Ticket information

Tickets to the conference can be purchased through the BIS Webshop – CLICK HERE to register your place. Reduced day-rates apply to the two-day ticket.

Confirmed Speakers receive a discounted rate for the day they are speaking – if you purchase a ticket to the conference and are subsequently confirmed as a speaker, you will be refunded the difference.

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Informal Networking Reception (Monday evening)

Free Entry to the Informal Networking Reception by South-West Aerospace Network on the evening of the 1st Day (Monday 28th November) at the Air Balloon Pub, North Filton BS34 7PY. Open to all (delegates and non-delegates). Sign up through Eventbrite HERE

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NextGen Careers Afternoon for Students and Young Professionals (Tuesday afternoon)

As part of the Reinventing Space Conference 2022, BIS NextGen Network in collaboration with UKSEDS have organised a Careers Afternoon, aimed at students, graduates, and young professionals who want to succeed within the space sector. Attendees will gather for short talks by selected speakers and mentors, including a panel on careers advice and speed mentoring on career development in the space sector.

This is a FREE parallel session to the main RISpace conference, open to everybody – separate registration is required and you do not need to be attending the main conference in order to attend this. More information can be found HERE

Registration to the NextGen Careers Afternoon (Tuesday 29th November) can be made HERE.

The NextGen Careers Afternoon is kindly sponsored by HE Space.

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Gala Dinner and the Sir Arthur Clarke Awards

The British Interplanetary Society organises the Sir Arthur Clarke Awards on behalf of The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation. This year the Gala Dinner and Awards will take place beneath the wings of Concorde. Award nominations can be for either individuals or teams, for their achievements during 2021.

The Arthur C Clarke Foundation - The Arthur C Clarke Foundation

Nominations take place across a number of different categories and can be made by anybody. CLICK HERE For more information about the 2021 Sir Arthur Clarke Awards and to submit your nomination.

Tickets to the Gala Dinner and Sir Arthur Clarke Awards on the evening of the 2nd Day (Tuesday 29th November) are charged separately, and can be purchased HERE.

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Conference Sponsors:

West of England

The Reinventing Space 2022 Conference is Gold Sponsored by the West of England Combined Authority

The West of England is home to a diverse space sector, with multi-national and SME companies active in the ecosystem; strengthened by one of the most capable aerospace clusters in the world. The region is Europe’s aerospace and advanced engineering powerhouse, with specialist expertise in areas including composites, sustainable aviation fuels, wing design, advanced propulsion systems and additive-layer manufacturing.

“We are one of seven regional space hubs in the UK supported by the UK Space Agency. In the last decade, the cluster has transformed into one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors. At the last count the UK space industry now employs close to 42,000 people in all corners of the country and generates an income of nearly £15 billion every year (gov.uk).”

Home to 11% of the UK’s space organisations and an aerospace and advanced engineering sector worth over £2.7 billion, the region builds on the strengths in other regional industries including digital technology, aviation, and defence. More than 50 of these are concentrated in the West of England, which acts as a hub for skills and business innovation.

The potential for growing the space sector in the West of England has been recognised through the development of the West of England Space Hub and the recently developed West of England Space Strategy.

Invest Bristol & Bath is the trade and inward investment arm of the West of England Combined Authority. Visit www.bristolandbath.co.uk/key-sectors/space/ or email invest@bristolandbath.co.uk for more information and to find out why Bristol & Bath is the place for space.

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Alongside the Exhibition Packages, there are additional conference sponsorship packages, as well as individually itemised sponsorship opportunities to increase your brand reach, or enhance your exhibition package.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our Sponsorship opportunities or exhibiting at the event, please see the RISpace 2022 Sponsor and Exhibitor Brochure HERE

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For further information please contact the Reinventing Space team at RISpace@bis-space.com with any questions.

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