Spaceflight-Post-Cover-2017-01Spaceflight is the international magazine of space. It first appeared in 1956, a year before the launch of Sputnik, and has been at the forefront of space exploration ever since.

Spaceflight is published monthly with each volume of 12 issues having continuous pagination and an annual index included with the December issue.

Widely used as a magazine of authoritative reference, Spaceflight has long been recognised as a prime source of information on international space programmes and commercial space exploration.

Regular features, often written by those directly involved in a particular technology or project, cover all aspects of space technology and exploration, astronomy, satellites, commercial space, political activities, educational programmes and detailed space mission reports.

Spaceflight is the ideal magazine for anyone professionally involved in the space business or for those with a general interest in the subject.

The latest issue of Spaceflight – the Society’s magazine of astronautics and outer space – is now on sale. Members of the BIS receive the magazine via mail each month, or it can be ordered on this website, or directly from your newsagent or bookstall.

Spaceflight Back Issues

Back issues of Spaceflight are available for details of issues and prices please click here.

Spaceflight Index

Spaceflight index 2011

Spaceflight index 2011

Spaceflight Index has been a feature at the end of each year in Spaceflight magazine and contains the following from the years issues:

  • Author index
  • Subject index
  • Book reviews index

Download Spaceflight Index (right-click on the links and choose ‘Save target as…’ to save the file on your computer):


Journal of the BIS (JBIS)

JBIS-Editorial-Cover-2016-01The Scientific Space JournalFirst published in 1934, the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (JBIS) was the first to describe many aspects of space travel which are now commonplace.

After over 70 years of publication, JBIS is still concerned with originating and encouraging forward-looking ideas on how space exploration should develop. It is one of the highest rated astronautics journals in the world.

JBIS is published monthly and contains refereed academic papers from all over the world on all aspects of astronautics. This wide brief includes space science, space technology, spacecraft and space mission design, and humanity areas such as the philosophy of space flight.

JBIS has a particular reputation for exploring forward thinking subjects such as interstellar flight, exobiology and the search for extraterrestrial life. But it also aims to cover current and planned space activities as well as historical studies.

JBIS is available to Society Members as either an alternative to Spaceflight magazine, or in addition, on payment of an additional discounted fee. Non-member and library subscription are available. Individual issues and individual papers can be also purchased.

If you wish to submit a paper please see our Guidelines for Authors here

JBIS Back Issues

Back Issues of JBIS are available for details of issues and prices please click here.


The BIS newsletter is published by e-mail on a monthly basis. Subscription to the newsletter is free, both to members of the BIS and to those interested in keeping up-to-date with the Society’s activities. To subscribe to the newsletter please e-mail us at [email protected] – you can find the latest version here.


Odyssey-Issue-45-1The Odyssey e-zine focusses on the imagination component of the Society’s motto, encouraging submissions from BIS members that would not normally appear in Spaceflight, JBIS, Space Chronicle or on the BIS website.

The e-zine also seeks to engage with writers of serious and distinguished speculative fiction, both mainstream and genre. Contributors to the e-newsletter to date include: Stephen Baxter, Richard Morgan, Paul McAuley, Ronald Wright, Larry Niven and Gregory Benford.

Odyssey includes regular updates covering the work of the BIS Future Group.

Odyssey is published bi-monthly by the following Editorial Team:

  • Editor: Terry J. Henley
  • Assistant Editors: John Silvester, Terry Don and Richard Hayes
  • Publication: Ben Jones, Distribution done by Ralph Timberlake as part of the monthly newsletter.

Space Chronicle

Space-Chronicle-Post-2016-03The first JBIS issues of Space Chronicle appeared under the editorship of Andrew Wilson between August 1980 and July 1986. These issues became widely read offering articles at a more general level than those found in the other monthly JBIS issues. In effect Space Chronicle was regarded by many as a new space magazine being set apart by its unique character.

By the start of 2002, a re-launch of Space Chronicle was more than overdue. In keeping with the character of earlier issues, Space Chronicle continues to concentrate on:

  • Review papers
  • The increasingly important historical aspects of worldwide space acitivites; and
  • Similar topics of more general interest.

If you wish to submit a paper please see our Guidelines for Authors (includes a license to publish)

Space Chronicle Back Issues

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