BIS partnership with Italiacamp announced

The BIS has partnered with Italiacamp, an impact organisation that combines profit and non-profit to promote social impact projects and develop impact assessments with numerous private and public partners.  The partnership will be led through BIS Italia – the Italian branch of the British Interplanetary Society.

BIS Italia will provide ideas, support, materials and people for major educational projects based on space education, as well as outreach.  Fabrizio Bernardini, who leads BIS Italia, said “As a starting point, we have defined a number of STEAM paths based on different space topics that will be implemented as different courses offered by Italiacamp to its customers. Two of these paths are already being implemented and should be ready for deployment around summer.

The connection of Italiacamp with important industrial and institutional entities will open new connections to expand nationwide our local BIS branch and we foresee a permanent involvement of the BIS in future space-based projects.

Picture (c) ESA