International Space Forum 2024

Date: 1 June 2024
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Location: BIS HQ London and Online
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Date: Saturday 01 June 2024

Time: 09:30 – 17:00 BST (in-person registration from 09:00)

Venue: BIS HQ, London and Online


The BIS International Space Forum  

This is a meeting place for discussing and reporting on all international space activities, exploring the latest insights into critical issues within the space domain from across the globe and is now open to the reporting of wider international affairs.

The Forum aims to report, discuss and track the progress and heritage of international efforts to advance astronautics, either those being made by individual nations or collectively, highlighting areas of interdependence between different space programmes, and the opportunities/challenges in how and where the global space community can or should be working together.

Download the Final Programme HERE


Speakers in the Forum present talks, or guide a discussion/debate on topics covering historic, current, and future perspectives. A summary of the Forum will be reported in the Society’s publications.

Topics can include past, present or future perspectives on international space activities, e.g.:

  • International relations and interdependence of space programmes across different countries.
  • Collaboration between governments and the private/commercial space sector.
  • Emerging space technologies, new practices, international standards.
  • International space policy, legal, regulatory and security challenges/opportunities.
  • Sociopolitical and financial barriers, proposed ideas and solutions.
  • Opportunities for Improving Space Education, Spin-out activities and benefits to Life on Earth.
  • Celebrations of successes and insights/lessons learned from history.

Format – Speakers can either present in:

  • Presentation mode – giving a talk followed by a short Q&A session, (30 mins, inc. questions)


  • Discussion mode – pitch a suitable idea or issue worthy of discussion/debate, leading with a short introduction of the topic (approx. 5 min) and preparing some key pre-researched points, facts and insights to steer the discussion/debate (20-30 mins)


Download the Final Programme HERE

Morning Session (09:30-12:30)

Alma Okpalefe
A 25-Year Journey of World Space Week for Enhanced Public Engagement

Fabrizio Bernardini
The San Marco Project: from 0 to orbit in 3 (5) years

Kenelm England
Soviet Spaceflight in 1924

Andrew Thomas
China’s New “Smart” satellite production line, the TianMu 天目 constellation and the new ground stations

Discussion Session:

Griffith Ingram
Methods for the Mitigation of Environmental Impact of End-of-Life Disposal of Satellites by De-Orbiting

Afternoon Session (13:30-17:00)

Nina Kojima
Contamination of Mars (ethical concerns on contamination and terraforming)

Philip Baldock
The Impact of Space-Based Resources On Existing World Markets

Mark Hempsell
Scorpion: Benchmarking History

John Anderson
Stellar Powered Interstellar Accelerator

Jerry Stone
Island Zero: A practical gateway to large-scale space habitats

Discussion Session:

Open Discussion Session

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The event will be followed by a Social in the BIS HQ building (for in-person attendees)

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