Skyrora Launch Vehicle Development

Date: 17 April 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Zoom
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Skyrora launch vehicle development By Robin Hague

Speaker:       Robin Hague

Date:              Saturday 17th April 2021

Start Time:   14:00

End Time:     15:15

Venue:          Via Zoom

Skyrora were founded in Edinburgh in 2017, and are currently developing a new small launch vehicle to provide commercial launch from the prospective British spaceport. Skyrora are returning to the classic UK propellant combination of Hydrogen Peroxide and Kerosene, and commenced engine testing in summer 2019 at Newquay.

They have now conducted full ground engine tests of their single stage, bi-liquid, suborbital test vehicle Skylark-L, in parallel to a number of small scale avionic test launches using commercial off-the-shelf solid rocket motors. They plan to fly Skylark-L in 2021, building towards the launch of the first orbital Skyrora XL in 2022. Robin Hague will provide an overview of the programme and updates on progress.


Speaker – Robin Hague

Robin Hague is head of launch for Skyrora. Having completed an MSc by research in hybrid rocket engines he worked on propulsion for an X Prize entrant, contributing to the firing of 10KN and 30KN LOX rubber hybrids and LOX/Kero bi-liquids at the HSL in Buxton. Opportunities for launcher propulsion being somewhat limited in the UK in the noughties he worked in nuclear safety robotics whilst pursuing rockets for education, and providing the world’s first fish, chip and nitrous oxide hybrid to Sky TV! Now with Skyrora he has returned to multi-tonne bi-liquid engine testing and planning for Skyrora launch opportunities.



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14:05- Skyrora launch vehicle development By Robin Hague
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