The Aqualunar Challenge – Webinars

Start date: 12 March 2024
End date: 14 March 2024
Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
International | Online

The Aqualunar Challenge is a £1.2m international challenge prize focused on making human habitation in space possible by finding ways to purify water buried beneath the Moon’s surface.

This is being delivered by Challenge Works on behalf of the UK Space Agency in the UK, and by the Canadian Space Agency in partnership with Impact Canada. The UK track of the Aqualunar Challenge will reward UK-led water purification innovations that will benefit both Earth and Space.

Exotopic are running two webinars as an introduction the challenge, and to the space and water sectors.

12th March 5-6pm GMT – “We Choose to go to the moon…”
14th March 5-6pm GMT – “Introduction to the Water Sector”
Info and registration for the introductory webinars can be found at: will also be two in person drinks receptions to facilitate networking and collaboration between prospective applicants. These will be in Glasgow and London on the 21st March, 5-7pm GMT. The London event will be held at the British Interplanetary Society. There will also be an option to dial in online.
Registration for the receptions can be found here:

These events offer a unique opportunity to learn more about the challenge and foster collaborations, with hybrid links connecting each UK venue and participants from Canada – You can find out more about the Aqualunar Challenge HERE