Richard Osborne

Richard is currently working as a consultant systems architect, as well as with Reaction Engines Limited on the STERN hydrogen-fuelled air-breathing rocket engine. He has also worked on a number of space industry projects ranging from payloads to the Mir space station to Mars missions, specialising more recently in systems engineering in addition to rocket propulsion. Involved in a number of professional and amateur rocketry ventures in the past, as well as potential UK X-Prize contenders, which didn’t see the light of day. He has also been extensively involved with hybrid rocket propulsion systems for the last 15 years.

Richard has a Bachelors degree in Physics, a Masters Degree in Remote Sensing (specialising in Martian surface analysis), is a Chartered Physicist, a Chartered Scientist, a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and has served on the UK Rocketry Association’s Council for 10 years.

Richard joined the Society in 1983, and elected to Fellow in 1992. He is enthusiastic to expand the reach of the Society, and to see a stronger participation from the younger members, to encourage support for potential members in the undergraduate and recent graduate communities and to use technology as an enabler for the Society. He is a very keen advocate of manned spaceflight and launch vehicle technology.