Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for planning and organising all the Society’s events including evening lectures, specialist symposia, conferences and technical forums and workshops at the BIS Headquarters in London and other events elsewhere in the UK.
The aim of all BIS events is to entertain, inform, educate and/or promote the BIS and its mission.

Alistair Scott


Full Members:

Colin Philp, Steve Salmon, Vix Southgate, Robin Brand, Mat Irvine, Jacob Smith

The Events Committee functions and delegations are:

  • Ensure that the BIS is providing an interesting and relevant calendar of events, lectures and symposia, running both online and in person.
  • Work with staff to ensure that set events, particularly the Russian-Sino Forum, are well-run, well-publicised and financially efficient.
  • Have oversight of the BIS staff marketing of events online and through magazines.
  • Identity, consider and recommend opportunities to enhance the events programme of the Society.
  • Consider, with staff and media sales partners, opportunities for sponsorship of events to generate additional income for the Society.
  • Support other Committees as required, to ensure a co-ordinated approach.