Media registration

Complimentary registration for Reinventing Space 2021 is reserved for working members of the media: reporters/editors/writers of newspapers and magazines, as well as producers and presenters of broadcasting radio and television stations.

If you would like to register for a media pass, you can contact us in the first instance, and we will then ask you to supply a copy of your valid press accreditation card.  For those based in the UK, this should be registered with the UK Press Card Scheme.

Media passes are not available for corporate or membership body newsletters, research agencies or channels based solely on social media. If you are non-editorial staff of a media group and are not covering the event as a journalist, please register as a general attendee.  Please note that the BIS is a charity, and Reinventing Space is a fundraising activity for the Society.  On this basis we are unable to offer complimentary passes to anyone who does not hold a valid press accreditation card as detailed above.  However, we would very pleased to welcome you to the event as an attendee, and you can purchase a ticket here.