Reinventing Space – Tuesday 29th June

NB: Provisional programme

This programme is correct on the date of publication (27th June 2021).  All content is subject to change, and no refunds will be offered for one day tickets purchased on the basis of the information provided below.  Sessions noted with a (V) will see presenters joining the conference proceedings virtually due to ongoing restrictions on travel in the UK and around the world.


Session type
Breakfast Session
BIS & WIA:E Panel in Women in the Space Sector, with MOU signing and presentations from Elizabeth Anderson, BIS CEO; and Luisella Giulicchi, Women in Aerospace Europe President.
Keynote Speech
Katherine Courtney – GNOSIS
Technical Session
Vladimir Pletser, Mindy Howard, Simon N. Evetts, John Vickers – Blue Abyss approach to train spaceflight participants and astronauts

Joanna Hart – Developing Skills in the Space Sector to Drive Economic Growth Across the UK

Alex Ellery – Biomimetic Metabolism for a Lunar Industrial Ecology based on Genetic Regulatory Networks (V)

Keynote Sponsor Speech
Dave Broadbent, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Space & C2 Systems – Raytheon
Technical Session
James McKevitt – Optimisation of a Hydrodynamic SPH-FEM Model for a Bioinspired Aerial-Aquatic Spacecraft on Titan

Alex Ellery – The Complementarity of a Closed Loop Ecological Life Support System and a Closed Loop Industrial Ecological System on the Moon (V)

Keynote Speech
Sara Mugnaini, Principal Engineer – Advanced Payload at OneWeb (V)
Keynote Speech
The Rt Hon Lord David Willetts
Technical Session
James McKevitt – An L-Class Multirole Observatory and Science Platform for Neptune

Alex Ellery – Universal Construction on the Moon (V)

Ken Wisian – Geothermal Power Potential in the outer Solar System (V)

Keynote Speech
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johann-Dietrich Wörner, former ESA Director-General
Keynote Sponsor Speech
Mark Donovan and Liz Seward, Airbus
16.15 – 17.30
Panel discussion
Led by BIS NextGen Network Co-Chairs – Harriet Brettle and Jenna Tiwana

Networking Drinks

(Those holding a ticket valid to attend the conference on Tuesday 29th June or a ticket to attend the Gala Dinner are permitted entry)

Gala Dinner and Sir Arthur Clarke Awards

(Separately ticketed event – conference tickets are not valid for entry)