Call for Abstracts

Note: The Call for Abstracts has now closed.

The Call for Abstracts for Reinventing Space 2021 closed on 15th February 2021.  Guidelines are available below.  Abstracts should be submitted using the form below.  If you have any queries about the event, please contact us.


The abstract should stand alone as a summary of the paper, not as an introduction. Indicate the subjects dealt with and state the objectives of the investigation. Explain how your subject relates to affordable and responsive space missions. Readers should not have to read the paper to understand the abstract.


1. Environmental and sustainability considerations in relation to space

  • Protecting our environment Papers are invited on issues relating to the impact of space exploitation, both in space and on Earth, and how we create the correct regulatory frameworks to both encourage new space exploitation opportunities, techniques and technologies, whilst also acting to protect localities, communities and the environment on Earth.
  • Space Debris How do we deal with the challenge of space debris, what new technologies can support clean up, and who pays to remove debris from space. Where does the responsibility lie?  How can we work to reduce debris?

2. Economic recovery In the post Covid-19 era, how can the space industry support the economic bounce back –through the creation of new sectors within the space industry, new jobs, manufacturing and training opportunities.

Previous conferences have also addressed the following:

International programmes and cooperation

How do we find ways to work together to make things happen?

New ways of doing business in space

How do we make money on affordable and responsive space missions?

Tactical space systems

How do we best serve the needs of military or civilian missions, and the needs of emergency responders?

Low-cost interplanetary missions

Can we use the new technology to create dramatically lower cost interplanetary missions?

Ways to dramatically reduce space system and launch cost and schedule

What are the methods, processes and technologies we can use to make major reductions in cost?

New application areas for low-cost space systems

What are the new applications that can take advantage of newer, much-lower-cost systems?

Education and motivation

How can RISpace educate and motivate the coming generation, without whom there is no space programme?

A Word copy of the guidance may be downloaded here